Window Cleaners at the Cultural Centre of Belgrade

Light installation, height: 380 cm, length: variable dimensions, 2019

Invitation and production: Cultural Centre of Belgrade


In her art practice, Nina Ivanović has already used photography and drawings (two-dimensional and spatial) to present everyday moments and cityscapes. What has defined the works she creates for a certain exhibition/occasion are not only topics but also architecture of the space where they are exhibited. In this concrete situation, she goes a step further, and creates by the use of light. Taking all the preconditions into account, including the cacophony of New Year’s light decorations, the artist has come to an idea that the Cultural Centre of Belgrade office windows should be given illuminated window cleaners. In her earlier works, she has already explored the topic of window cleaners, inspired by dance-circus movements of performers and generally by specific jobs that require different (extreme) ways of movement. The movements of window cleaners with the use of a rope in order to do their job, made her perceive them as acrobats, alpinists, and workers.

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Video: Window Cleaners