Mountain at the 57. October Salon – The Marvellous Cacophony, curated by: Gunnar B. Kvaran and Danielle Kvaran, Belgrade City Museum, 2018

Wire, 550 x 200 x 0,3 cm, 2018


Mountain is a wire spatial drawing made on the basis of the artist’s photograph of Durmitor. The process involves analysing the selected photograph by disciplined linear drawing. Observing and reproducing certain lines results in the quality of a cartographic representation of the topography of the site, moving the current experience of the environment towards the objective and abstract.
The relationship between drawing, space and documentary photography that this work establishes represents a stage in the context of the years-long art and research practice of the author Nina Ivanović. Since her first artistic researches, Nina has been recording everyday situations in the urban or natural landscape and interpreting them through various fine arts media. These notes were first made in the form of drawings, and then as documentary photographs. Gradually, through an experimental approach to these media, the author has developed a specific method in which they mutually permeate, which has resulted in works whose multiple effects stem from the complexity of the methodological procedure.
Therefore, the format of the wire drawing and its setting become the subject of careful shaping by the author, which is also connected with the motifs of the photographs and drawings.
Unlike her previous works, which have clear narrative content, in the work Mountain, its monumental format and its setting emphasize the formal qualities of the presentation and create suggestive effects of the work in the exhibition space. By the illusion of volume, produced by the overlapping of the wire and its shadow, this object transposes the proximity of the mountain massif.
While in pre-modern times people built primarily a simbolic relationship with these unattainable expanses, later visitors sought to describe, systematize and explain them in detail, and, eventually, modern tourists have practically occupied them. It seems that the monumental wire object, along with a viewer walks, unable to perceive it as a whole from a distant position, points to a different spatiality and leaves the impression of that original symbolic relation to the unperceivable expance of the mountain massif.

Text: Jovana Vasić


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