Landscapes at 1918. Quando scoppia la pace, Piazza Foro Boario, Vittorio Veneto, Italy, 2018

1918. Quando scoppia la pace is an international event whose aim is to commemorate the places of WWI through contemporary art. Exhibiton is curated by Dimitri Ozerkov, curator of contemporary art at the Hermitage State Museum, St Petersburg.
Artists: Dario Agrimi, Bill Balaskas, Anaïs Chabeur, Alice Cunningham, Andrey Kuzkin, Johanna Jaeger, Zsolt Asztalos, Sarah Smolders, Nina Ivanovic, Philip Topolovac, Doplgenger, Anna Hulacová, Christiane Peschek.


Landscapes, wire wall sculpture, 185 x 190 x 10 cm

Work presents five drawings that depict five different landscapes (mountain, river, lake, swamp and land) where some of the battles from the WW1 took place, each in one of the year of the war. Photographs of landscape that are used to create a drawing are from Italy and mountain Grappa, lake Tanganyika in Africa, mountain Cer in Serbia, river Somme in France and village Passchendaele in Belgium. Using the elevation of the places drawings are put to a certain height, in that way they can create a new landscape.