Photo dialogue Belgrade – Basel, photography project, variable dimensions, 2017

Photo dialogue Belgrade – Basel is a project, whose main concept is dedicated to showing photographs in public space. Since I am photographing mostly in the urban environment, I wanted to bring this images back to the city. For the art residency Kuckucks Nest in Basel I have decided to make a photo dialog Belgrade-Basel as a way of connecting these cities by exhibiting photographs of one city in the other. The whole process requires searching, looking and walking through the city, which I find wonderful, as it gives me a reason to explore the city in a very specific way. Apart from the photographs that could be seen in the streets and some hidden corners of both Belgrade and Basel, the photographs of these photographs themselves are in the same way a documentation of the act I did, however, they are also a works in their own right – an image inside of an image.
Project was presented at exhibition Consequences which I had along with Iva Kuzmanović at Kaskadenkondensator art space in Basel, and it consisted of two group of photographs projected on the wall, small photographs as stickers, sketch book with drawings of maps and places where I planed to glue a photograph and a wool installation of map that is a replica of one drawing from the sketch book.